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Create optimized static websites.

GoPablo is a static site generator with a modern development workflow, integrated web server, auto-reload, CSS preprocessors, and ES6 ready. Generates optimized distribution files ready to be deployed.

Get Started
GoPablo home page illustration
// Step 1: Create a directory for the new website and from there
// initialize GoPablo to generate the file structure *
$ npx gopablo

// Step 2: Run development environment
$ npm run dev

// Step 3: Generate distribution files
$ npm run prod


// * GoPablo requires Node v12+.


Dev ServerDev Server

A development server for your website out of the box.


Watches for all your changes and reloads in real-time.


Preprocessors: PostCSS or Sass with source maps.

JavaScript ES6Templating & HTML Partials

Create HTML templates with partials that repeat, avoid redundancy.


Cache-Busting is a way for updates to still happen when using web caching.

Production OptimizationProduction Optimization

Minify HTML, CSS and JS. Purge unused css and image compression.

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